What Medicare Covers?

What are the different Medicare parts?

Different Medicare parts cover specific health-related services:



1. Part A (Hospital Insurance)

Part A covers costs of home health care, skilled nursing unit, and nursing home.

• Also helps cover costs of inpatient care (remember to ask your doctor if you are an inpatient or an outpatient)

* Examples of home health care include: intermittent skilled nursing care, physical therapy, speech-language pathology services, continued occupational services, and more.



2. Part B (Medical Insurance)

Part B covers costs of outpatient care, medical equipment needed, home health care, and your doctors services.

• Also helps cover preventive services, to keep your illness from worsening or just maintaining your healthy lifestyle.

*Examples of preventive services include: checking blood pressure to prevent heart disease and strokes, giving information on smoking , drugs, and alcohol. Taking blood samples to check for abnormalities, checking urine for diabetes, etc.

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3. Part C (Medicare Advantage)

 Part C is a way to get the services covered from Part A, Part B, and most of the time Part D.

• Part C is offered by private companies only approved.

•Some Part C plans provide significant coverage beyond what you get in Parts A and B – including, in some cases, prescription drug coverage – but not all.

*Your Part C may offer extra coverage such as hearing, dental, vision, or health and wellness programs, for an additional cost.


4. Part D (Prescription Drug Plan)

Part D helps cover the costs of prescription drugs.

• Part D may help lower the cost of your usual prescription drugs (ask about open enrollment period to get an estimate)

• Part D could also help protect you against increasing prescription costs

• This part is only available by Medicare approved private insurance companies.