Part D Drug Plans










Why Invest in a Drug Plan?

The Medicare Part D program has helped millions of Medicare recipients pay for their prescription drugs since January, 2006. Over 1,400 insurance plans are on the market that offer an assortment of prescription benefits that are strikingly similar. We have invested a tremendous amount of time to figure out which Part D plan is best for each individual’s situation. Take advantage of the different types of drug plans and find the one that fits best with your usual prescriptions. Our Medicare Insurance Store agents take the time to figure out which plan would fit your prescriptions, call to see if you can save today!

Open Enrollment: Best Time to Shop Drug Plans with us.

Here at The Medicare Insurance Store, during the annual Open Enrollment period you may give us your usual prescription medications, and we will shop the best option for you.  During this annual period applicants can easily switch their drug plans with guaranteed acceptance.  There are open enrollment periods, donut holes, annual election periods, late enrollment penalties, tiers, formularies, and dozens of other terms that are specific to the Medicare Part D industry.  Medicare recipients should specifically concentrate on the dates of the various open enrollment periods. Accurate information leads to a wise decision, so let us research for you to get the best price!

Contact us today for any Part D or Open Enrollment questions! Just type your information in below and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.