Medicare Supplement Plans

Why Do I Need a Medicare Supplement Plan?

Medicare pays for a large number of health care needs, whether it is supplies or services. However, there are some things Medicare does not pay for. Medicare recipients may want to consider buying supplemental health insurance, which is where Medigap comes in.

What is a Medigap Plan?

Medigap, or a supplemental plan, is a plan that will pick up where Medicare leaves off, filling in the gaps. Medigap plans vary, and the appropriate one for you depends on your needs and the plan you currently have. Look over and compare your Medical plan, then choose a Medigap plan that will fill the gaps and meet your needs.

Why Research Medigap Plans Before Purchasing?

It is important to know all of the details before considering plans.  Medigap plans are sold through private companies and cover the costs Original Medicare does not, including co-payments  coinsurance, deductibles, and more. Some Medigap plans will even cover medical care when you travel outside the United States. It is also important to consider your future medical needs when picking a Medigap plan. It is possible you might not be able to change plans. Make sure you know all aspects of each Medicare supplemental plan before choosing the one that’s best for you.

With Original Medicare and a Medigap plan combined, Medicare pays their approved amount first and then your supplemental plan pays their part. Your monthly premium will depend on the plan you pick. There are a number of different Medigap plans that are standardized and identified by letters. There are rules for Medigap plans that are governed by both state and Federal law. For example, the insurance must be identified as Medicare Supplement Insurance, and you can only be sold one of the standardized plans. Plans offer the same basic benefits but many have additional benefits.

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This chart shows the different Medicare Supplemental Plans you can choose.

Why Trust our Services with your Medicare Supplement Shopping?

We shop most major insurance carriers to find the supplemental plan that best fits your needs.  Unlike other companies that want to sell specifically their companies plans, we shop all plans. We can also answer any Medicare Supplement questions you have, free of charge. Our promise to you is we will try our best to find you the best medicare supplement option for your specific needs. We are here to make your insurance shopping experience easy and affordable!

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