Medicare Advantage

Why Choose Medicare Advantage Plans?

Medicare Advantage Plans are the result of legislation that has been enacted. These plans are becoming tremendously popular due to the extra benefits that are offered. Extra days in the hospital, low out-of-pocket costs for doctor visits and prescriptions are some of the extra benefits that are usually offered.

A Medicare advantage plan is offered throughout the United States via private insurers. Having Part A and Part B of Medicare is required to join the plan. The Medicare part B premium must be paid by the Medicare recipient. Private insurers offer plans which have varying co-payments and premiums that start at $0 per month.

More than 10 million Americans have already joined a Medicare Advantage plan!

The CIGNA Medicare Access Plan:

CIGNA Medicare Access Plan (PFFS) is part of the federal Medicare program and offers you all the protection and funding of the Original Medicare (Parts A and B) with predictable costs and so much more – even dental, vision, and hearing benefits.

With a CIGNA Medicare Access Plan (PFFS) you will enjoy:

  • Low predictable costs
  • Freedom to choose any doctor who accepts our plan
  • 100% coverage if your yearly costs are too high
  • Nationwide coverage and worldwide emergency coverage
  • Routine vision and hearing exams (plans 3 and 4 also include a vision hardware allowance)
  • A dental benefit that pays for 75% of preventive procedures, and you can use your own dentist!
  • Prescription drug coverage with most common drugs used by seniors included on the drug list (Plans 2 and 4)

The CIGNA Medicare Access Plan benefit information provided here is a brief summary, additional information about benefits is available to assist you in making a decision about your coverage. There are other Medicare Advantage Plan options other than CIGNA Medicare Access Plan, contact us today to learn about others.

Why Choose us for your Medicare Advantage Plan Shopping?

As you can see on our pages, many of our customers have outstanding reviews about our customer service.  We will answer any questions you have about insurance and even check up with you after your purchase to make sure you are satisfied with your coverage. Again, we are here to make your insurance shopping experience easy!

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